House lights go down as the stage of the High Watt gets painted hues of green and purple. It is a Thursday night in Nashville, and as much of the city closes their doors for the night, Twen is just getting started.

     After a soundcheck and a brief pause on the night, waiting for the crowd to arrive, the band takes the stage, instruments in hand, and begin to kick off the night with an unreleased song titled “Love U.”

     As soon as they begin, beautiful hits of a 12 string guitar can be heard, and incredible vocal harmonies between singer Jane Fitzsimmons and guitarist Ian Jones. The kind of vocals you might try, and then give up on because they seem to go right over your head. From looks that speak for themselves to the actual words of Fitzsimmons between tunes, there was an undeniable chemistry between the members of Twen.

     After a few new numbers, Jones began ripping on a most notable riff, their top song “Damsel.” After a few measures,the audience really got to hear Fitzsimmons most raw talent, as all but drums cut out almost as soon as the song goes. The crowd simply ate it up, and as they went on, more and more of the High Watt residents left their comfortable bar chairs for the front row of the dancefloor. As the audienced opened up more, Twen themselves became more vulnerable, jamming out and getting more chatty between songs.

     Setting a vibration that would last for the entirety of the evening, Twen perfectly created a sound that persuades you to sway from side to side.