Triathalon’s latest release is for the Brooklyn kids with broken hearts and broken air-conditioners. Less than five months after their excellent full-length album Online, new track “Courtside” is a melancholic pool-side reflection: undoubtedly chill, yet quietly bound up in claustrophobia. If you’ve been trying to stay cool after being ghosted by your summertime fling, this one’s for you, babe.

     Playing out like a long-forgotten daydream, “Courtside” is a smooth pastiche of genres: the perfect track for a slacker-R & B, chillwave playlist. Triathalon’s stellar production work crafts an instantly addictive poppy semblance, vibes belied by an acute lyrical self-awareness. The particularly affecting chorus ‘Something got me on, must be in the city / feelings got me wrong, but living isn’t easy’ pensively summons a cinematic sense of locale. This is summer in New York City: the trains aren’t running, you’re too broke to skip town, and you find yourself wishing for something, anything, to happen.

      Though the elegant guitar riffs and intermittent keyboards sound effortlessly laidback, “Courtside” is structured around meticulously good production. The cohesive whole - occupying the space between synth-like buoyancy and an almost painful awareness of drum loop-based gravity - affirms a sonic ambience years in the making. Staying afloat in NYC’s relentless humidity is no easy task—especially with a Greek chorus demanding you keep up with the vaulted Hustle™ or perish trying. Triathlon pulls off a meditative yet relentlessly catchy summer jam, one appropriate for both BBQs in Prospect Park and sitting alone on the fire escape, dreaming of better things.