Let's face it, life can suck, but don't worry, Snooze is right there by your side to suffer with you and to scream about all the bullshit!

        Snooze is an Oakland, CA ‘power pop’ five piece that was “started as a Weezer cover band” though they later explained that they take more influence from mid 90’s power pop bands such as That Dog, Rentals and Osma . You can still hear the heavy mid 90’s influence, but Snooze has evolved into its own entity. This band is made up of Noah Malowitz on bass, Ryan Ellery on lead guitar, Brandon Downum on synth, Kurt Walcher on drums, and is headed by lead singer and guitarist Sam Kless. Though this band is relatively new to the scene, the members are quite experienced and are involved in multiple different projects, most notably, Sam Kless heading the Dublin/Pleasanton ‘funk/punk’ band Just Friends and Ryan Ellery’s producing and engineering the band Mom Jeans.

       Snooze’s first release , their self titled EP Snooze, is nothing but straight emotionally relative head bangers! On the first track, Snooze sings about the hatred felt for a job that mistreats and overworks you, something that many unfortunately go through. From there they explore lyrical topics such as self loathing, changing yourself to appeal to others, uncomfortability and anxiousness in social situations, and self isolation. Though these songs cut deep, they seem like they are inspired by rash decisions and momentary emotions. Some may think that takes away from the song, but I think it adds the feeling of honesty and creates music that comes off as raw and natural.

       At the base of this EP are the drums. The drummer's simplistic yet interesting style sets up the rhythm while still leaving room for the incredibly dense bass and guitar duo that at times seem to fuse into each other creating a texture like velcro making you stick to each note.  As you travel higher in the mix you run into the catchy lead guitar melodies that seem to dance over the rhythm. In the center of this record are the raspy vocals that put the heart and emotion into the music. Sam Kless’ vocals are maintained mostly in the dulcet tones of his voice which aid the genuinity of his song writing. This EP is riddled with the pleasingly piercing synth teleporting you to the mid 90’s cutting through the mix right into your ear drums.

      Snooze’s self titled EP is made up of snapshots of the human condition, strung together with nostalgia, forcing you to sit back and reflect on your memories. whether you cherish your past or would rather forget it, it happened and you can't change that, but you can always scream about all the bullshit!