I discovered Post Animal almost exactly one year ago on a humid night in Brooklyn. Our apartment was SWELTERING HOT and we needed somewhere to go to escape the heat that incubated our unit. We sat on the stoop of our building and  I looked up shows in the area and found that the reliable and always fun Baby’s Alright was hosting a banger show with four bands I’d never heard of. Good enough for me. I took a subway to Williamsburg, got to the venue and claimed a spot pressed against the stage with my camera. Then Post Animal came onstage and rocked my world.

       I’ve never seen a group so cohesive. Their vibing energy was alive on stage and carried itself through the intricacies of their music. They rocked HARD and in such a classic way. The boys stayed true to their Chicago roots, wearing well-loved blue jeans and tucked-in Carhartt tees. But combined with shoulder length hair, great mustaches and silver cuff bracelets, they took midwest-farm-boy to rock-n-roll-babe. Watching them was captivating, and hearing them was even more immersive. I hadn’t heard a single song before that show, but I was sold the moment they started playing.

       After listening to their first album and demos on repeat since last June, I was obviously eager for their next album to come out. When Post Animal finally released their most recent album, When I Think of You In a Castle, it was the only thing that played in my car (and honestly still is). This album isn’t long, but its a stellar collection of hard rocking, musically elevated songs that are packed with energy and good vibes.

      The opening track, “Everywhere All at Once,” is reminiscent of an Emerson, Lake and Palmer tune with delicate, arpeggiating acoustic guitar - relaxing and soft blended with sounds of falling rain. It’s the calm before the musical storm of “Gelatin Mode,” a high voltage, mixed tempo, hero of a song. The following tracks “Tire Eyes” and “Heart Made Of Metal” bound with energy that drives you through the rest of the album, and played at full volume, gives you the amazing sensation of being inches from them as they perform. One of the later songs, “Special Moment,” is a true bop. It was the final song I saw them play live a year ago, where they explained “Special Moment” as a new song that they were stoked to play live for an audience. It sealed the deal when I heard it on the album, that track tied together my incredible live experience that could live on while I play this album everywhere I go this summer.

    Post Animal possess and showcase everything a rock fan loves, but they add their own boyish energy, pouring out their love and respect for icons through their emulative music and connecting a new generation to real, precise and beautiful rock n roll as a genre, not just a buzzword.