If you haven't already heard Snail Mail's debut album, well, you're late - because she's already working on another! But for now, let us relish in the “suburban slowcore” goodness that is her newest project Lush.

      Nineteen year old Lindsey Jordan, aka Snail Mail, reveals a strong balance between her young voice and mature, relatable and straight-to-the-point lyrics, which analyze the conflicts of seeking truth and questioning love. Lush takes listeners on a sonic roadtrip.

     Proving influence from Southern California to her homeland of the greater DC area, quite literally as she wrote much of the album while touring her EP Habit. Without delay, you hear 90s alt-rock influences come into play on the album’s second track "Pristine" with a guitar riff comparable to Foo Fighters’ Everlong.

    "Full Control" is the album’s climax and a breakthrough of independence. Jordan says, “I’m in full control / I’m not lost / Even when it’s love / Even when it’s not," proving her growing understanding of her diminishing youth and sprouting adulthood.  

    Closing out the album is "Anytime," a song that might already sound familiar if you’ve listened from start to finish. Why? Jordan gave us a sneak peak of the song in the album’s first track Intro. Condensed in dreamy "Intro," "Anytime" is expanded upon; the full realization, the acceptance of a harsh reality that begs the seemingly hopeless question: “Are you hung up / Or do you love me?”.

     Listening in, it’s evident that touring has matured her sound and helped prepare for and inspire her debut album. Watch Jordan, classically trained in guitar, rip it up in the music video out now for the album’s second single "Heat Wave," where she can also be seen skating like hell and kicking hockey player ass. Finding time to graduate high school, tour the country, and release her debut album all before the age of twenty - Jordan is truly a force!!