Finding yourself is a never ending process that often happens in conjunction with the ones you love juggling the same new and strange experiences. LA band Campus Security explores these transitions on their debut album Rain Check.

      The record focuses in on topics like religion, the expectations that come with college, love and how these things influence personal development in early adulthood. One of the tracks even goes so far as to touch upon the predicament of someone in you life changing in a way that results in you no longer being able to relate to them.

      As frontman Rounak Maiti sings out the woes of self-actualization in your 20s, there are not only transitions in themes but also musical stylings. The opening tracks respectively having similar nuances to those of Whitney, Twin Peaks (specifically Sweet ‘17 Singles), and even a little Alex G. However, not all the songs stick to the vast realm of rock/pop.

       Take “Nothing On,” whose introduction carries with it a distorted and foreshadowing psychedelic rock ambience. Yet as the song moves forward, there's a fusing of this already established sound with a desert dream pop (think La Luz) kind of vibe.

       The lyrics pair well with the instrumental variation, as nothing too fancy or complicated is layed out from either side. This leveling allows the music and vocals to wrap around each other tightly, and thus hold the listener closely.

       Most of the lyrics are relatively melancholy, but some particularly hopeful ones can be heard in “O!,” a tender love song in which Maiti professes “I love you ‘til my legs give out” followed a verse or two later with “I walk you all the way to your house.”

       This forward and honest writing makes Rain Check comforting and memorable, and the often gentle percussion and swaying guitar parts turns it into a record sure never to leave your side. It is particulty in the moment of “No One Left,” with the chorus “feel like we have it all by now/feel like there's no one left to tell us how” that you can be assured that whether you have it all figured out or nothing even close to being figured out, Campus Security will keep you company during the lulls of a strange, limbo summer and will continue to console you come any lonely nights in your dorm.

Check out their music video for “Drown” HERE.