Breaking their two-year silence, Babe Parade is back with their brand new EP release, Fortune.

    The four track album is loosely based on a classic Pygmalion myth in which a sculptor forms his idea of a perfect woman and convinces goddess of love, Aphrodite, to bring the piece of artwork to life. Taking this concept to heart, Babe Parade walks their audience through a four-stage journey of the tale throughout Fortune.

    The first song, titled “Good Time,” is when all is still going well with a new relationship between the artist and his woman. However, as one might have guessed, things get tricky, as explained by the next two songs “Chubby” and “Divisions.” As the woman starts to think for herself, the two begin to bicker constantly, and she ultimately realizes how unhappy she is with her creator.

     Contrary to the fate of the sculptor and his work within the story, Babe Parade provides tunes one could not possibly fall out of love with. Apart from the interesting take on the tale, their fun guitar chords and vocal melodies induce head bopping, and a deep desire to get groovy.

     Babe Parade is exactly what one might expect from the Los Angeles alternative scene, but adds a dash of something new and exciting to each song, leaving you wanting more tracks, and more new tunes. This is the band’s third release, and one that makes it clear they intend on sticking around.