Since their formation in 2012, and their development from a solo project to a full band, Philadelphia’s The Soft Spots have always been aware of their muses. The themes that blanket the group’s songs being those of love and the romanticized imagery of water. Their latest album, Rainy Daze, plays particularly with the latter of the two as well as provides a more developed sound compared to earlier releases.

       The album notes on their bandcamp page reads “Some people love dreary, rainy days. If you would consider yourself one of those people, then this record was made with you in mind,” and such a foreword could not be more accurate. Rainy Daze is the soundtrack to an ambient rock daydream. The 11 songs that comprise the record move dreamily from one to the next, with vocals that are barely audible in comparison to the volume and clarity of the instrumentals. However, this attribute doesn’t present itself to be much of a problem, as this dynamic feels to be done purposefully. The vocals present themselves to be a background layer to the foreground that is the melting together of the synth, guitar, and keyboard.

       From songs like “Goodbye Again,” that introduce themselves with shoegaze heavy guitar solos, to tracks like “Tears In Rain,” that fade out with twinkling synth, Rainy Daze is a hodgepodge of the best parts of genres that focus on the ways in which sound can arouse sensations that are illusive when trying to be conveyed words.