“Locked in chains of reverie. A bona fide fear of my contemporaries. I'll stay home,” sings the makers of Chicago’s new Glass Famine. Releasing their first solo on bandcamp, titled “Grumbling Bellies,” the band’s future work sounds more than promising.

     Kicking things off with the single hit of a cymbal, then off to the licks of a bass, all ending in a pattern of “Sha-la-las” one cannot help but sing along with, “Grumbling Bellies.” Glass Famine is obviously not afraid of risk, adding tastes of jazz within drum beats and guitar riffs.

     Take the melodic verses of Perfume Genius, add a bit of Spoon’s edge and feel-good guitar with the complexities of Tera Melos, and you just might get a taste of Glass Famine’s sound.

      Citing Post-sleep paralysis and Hammer Horror as some of their greatest influences when it comes to writing, it is no wonder Glass Famine is able to take what first seems like a clear and reflective piece and twist it to give off  an underlying feeling of unease and fright.

      Refined lyrics beg the listeners to look closer and question what they know, even ending with the chant, ‘It’s the lie that makes them pretty.’

      “Grumbling Bellies” is only an early start to Glass Famine’s undoubtedly auspicious life to come.