Are you ready to submerge to the depths of fuzz and psychedelia in search of underwater reptiles? Well Mean Motor Scooter is going to take you there and introduce you to "Sea Serpent," the latest video from their album Hindu Flying Machine which is available on vinyl and cassette through Dirty Water Records USA. Riding a wave of driving guitars and swanky grooves, this song is complete with enough fuzzed out vocals and wailing organ to satisfy anyone's 60's garage-rock soul.

     If you're not sure about this whole under sea excursion and are likely to be lying on the floor sea sick the whole time, you're in luck because the journey is purely metaphorical so no one will have to traipse around with wet sneakers for the duration of the day! However, they are going to take you on a wild Tarantino-esq heist..and you just got the it's time to grab your bandanna and your banana and jump in the van because they're waiting outside!

        Thankfully everyone survives and no one is hurt, except for the poor record store owner who must have lost out on something pretty snazzy and probably the guy in the alien mask who must have sweated his skull off to make that party even more rad. We never do actually get to the bottom of the mystery and find out what the highly sought after briefcase contains, but considering it's glowing green, I can only assume it's either a prized alien artifact or some rare neon pressing of a stoner-metal album. Either way, you can catch them going out west this July for several dates with Bee Bee Sea, The Darts, and The Atom Age:

July 26th - Crescent Ballroom - Phoenix, AZ

July 27th - The Wayfarer - Costa Mesa, CA

July 28th - Zebulon Café Concert - Los Angeles, CA