The feelings of coziness and melancholy were simultaneously poured down my throat like warm tea and hot coffee on my first listen of Blush, the latest EP by Small Crush.

       Small Crush, an “indie pop” band from Oakland, California, was started as a solo project by singer/songwriter, and now bassist, Logan Hammon. They soon grew to a full band with the addition of Jackson Felton on lead guitar, Thomas De Bourbon on rhythm guitar, and Will Scherer (Tombstone) on drums. The band of 4 has been quickly sprouting out of the fruitful bay area music scene like morning glories and often play with names such as Mt. Eddy, Weird Fun, Mustn’ts, Destroy Boys, and Sarchasm.

      Blush is the group’s first EP as a full band and it does not disappoint. It hits you with strong surf and sometimes even ska inspired guitar rhythms, paired with leads and bass lines influenced by 80s new wave bands such as The Cure and Culture Club. One track in particular, “Mail Truck,” features a synth lead that seems so familiar yet very fresh and crisp. The drums on this EP are surprisingly fast paced and energetic. They offer a nice contrast to the slow, carefree vocals which is reminiscent of the style of artists such as Frankie Cosmos and Florist. Though these sounds may have been used before, Small Crush takes them and recycles them in a way that feels young and new.  

      The lyrical content on Blush deals with subjects such as one sided love, the clash of immaturity and impending adulthood, and the fear of missing out. These subjects hit home with people who are still getting their grasp on the ins and outs of our ever changing world. Though these songs don't exactly offer solutions to these problems, they act as an understanding friend to hold onto in this time of confusion.

      Blush as a whole acts as a sweet relief from the sludgy lofi chorus soaked wall of sound that seems to dominate music. To quote Small Crush themselves, “if life's full of beauty why not see it all?” or hear it all? go listen to Blush yourself and keep an eye out for Small Crush.