Spunky Chi town duo Grapetooth are at it again, their new single “Violent” a witches brew of New Orderesque synth, and punk energy a la The Fall. The sweeping soundscape envelops you immediately, head bobbing, thrumming energy that proves Grapetooth’s hit making ability. The combined power of the raw vocals of Clay Frankel and the producing finesse of Homesick aka Chris Bailoni, allow them to create a song that is both fresh and familiar. Frankel’s vocals sound vaguely like Paul Westerberg of the Replacements, dark and sincere.

     Bailoni's production is exciting, its cinematic nature combines a variety of sounds yet they blend together perfectly. Melancholy music, sure to strike a chord with any human. The chorus “how violent are you?” progressively getting more desperate as the song develops, entrapping you in a fierce moment, a different side to Frankel who can most often be found playing with Twin Peaks, a soulful rock band.

Gimme more Grapetooth.