Though summer is a season associated with endless warmth, often the weather betrays us and we are forced to create our own form of sunshine. Baltimore-area based band The Dune Flowers emanates such a form of warmth and hazy coziness within their debut album Lookin’ Fine.

       The self-released record is comprised of nine tracks, each one with traces of influence from different genres but overall staying within the band’s general sound. There are hints of old Growlers’ beachy feel, Twin Peaks messy yet put together energy, and of course classic Beatles’ rock n roll.

      The opening track “Beach Bums” is a stand out one, most likely the reasoning for it being first. The bouncy guitar parts grab the listener and refuse to let go without inspiring some dancing. Tyler Drager (guitar/vocals) and Oscar Schoenfelder (guitar/vocals) tag team in singing in a way that showcases the appeal of their respective voices, from Drager’s more tender voice asking “How do you feel about messing around” followed with Schoenfelder’s scratchy serenade of “I want you” over and over.

     There then presents a contrast in tempo and feel as the next song “Flowers in Her Hair,” follows through and it's lyrics pour over the listener, “There's flowers in her hair/She's nice and well-prepared.” Such lyricism and softer instrumentals deeming it to be a sweet, observant kind of recognition of unrequited love.

      Many, if not all, the songs have such a shared inspiration: girls. Though one might find the concept of love and girls to be a cliche theme that has a tendency to run stale if not performed well, The Dune Flowers dispute such a mindset. They provide their own impressive, sentimental interpretations with minimalistic and narrative style lyrics strung on top of rhythms that are versatile to the kind of movement they arouse.

      Each song strikes a feeling like that of finding a used postcard in a vintage store: wonderment and attention to it's memorable details that aren’t shocking or staggering but rather have the capability to make you want to just sit back and reminisce.