The product of some far out planet, Modern Nomad, brings back to Earth what he’s found in his intergalactic explorations. Wading through constellations and drifting past cosmos “All I’ve Got” is composed of stardust. Sublime and transcendental, it’s a wormhole from his basement in Maryland to the glittering mysticism of outer space.

        Bored of earthly roads, Tom Mclean bypasses the highway and drives straight into the stars with the same sense of adventure introduced on his debut Road Trip. Dreaming of sandy motel rooms and full of iridescent hooks, Mclean sticks you in an eternal heat wave in the shadow of candy colored buildings and crashing waves. A master of auditory escapism, his meanderings transform every song into a postcard even as he exceeds the confines of gravity. With an otherworldly aura, “Nothing to Be Said” introduces a whole new dimension for Modern Nomad to float through.

       Slipping into the orbit of the planets, “All I’ve Got” follows the seemingly easy rhythm of the universe. Swimming through space, Mclean’s wide eyed fascination with life coats everything in dazzling intrigue. Synth sparkles as it catches the light from the sun, his listless vocals melting overtop. Everything feels distorted and distant, like any signals transmitted from Earth would simply vanish into the all consuming groove.

         “All I’ve Got” comes with the feeling of complete detachment, like you’ve somehow transcended your surroundings and joined Mclean in his extrasolar escapade. Tearing a hole in reality for you to slip through, the song brings a whole new perspective. Instead of walking down the sidewalk you’re gliding past Mars, hitchhiking across the Milky Way but never leaving your room. The raw talent and vision required to create such an immersive experience proves Modern Nomad  is truly out of this world.


samantha sullivan