There are hooks and then there are ‘who is this??’ hooks and “Ralphie” by Chicago psych band Post Animal falls into the latter category. “Ralphie” begins at a manic pace, an onrush of cascading guitar, before winding down and settling into a slower vibe for all of twenty seconds- before picking up once more. The lyrics  remorsefully croon “I can’t tell this girl what’s on my mind, and it seems it’s getting closer all the time.” Ah, unrequited love. But who could resist them when this band sounds so perfect on this song?

      The songs’ sweetest spot however is the chorus which strikes a poppier note than Post Animals’ prior releases, ‘Cuz I went to the party and left my pretty little baby with Ralphie’ they cry, and the lyrics hit like cupid’s arrow. The song is so ridiculously catchy, falling and rising  in waves. You find yourself on a raft adrift in a pink sea of psych informed guitar and drumming, 80s reminiscent riffs, and ebbing bass lines. Post Animal certainly has it going on, so tune on in, and await their debut album When I Think of You In a Castle out April 20th.