A keen sense of humor can go a long way in today’s world of rock and roll. It’s what has turned what would otherwise be just another home recorded punk record into a bit of a sensation on the internet and in Australia’s ever-growing garage rock scene. Get This In Ya is the second EP released by The Chats, and it offers a quick look into the life of the Australian slacker teen, someone who is frustrated with the minor struggles of young adulthood. The immature, yet clever humor combined with the borrowed riffs of 1980’s West Coast US punk, paints a picture of what might just be a modern-day Beavis and Butthead.  

       The Chats first rose to prominence in late 2017 with the viral success of their music video for the opening track “Smoko,” which tells the story of a young man who finds himself pushed to the wayside by menial workers who are on smoke break. The song is dry, clever and turns what should be a very mundane occurrence into an outrageous, punk rock anthem. The rest of the record follows in suit, covering such topics such as not having enough money to ride the bus, not wanting to join the military in case of World War III, and being bored while doing drugs. It’s the perfect soundtrack to sniffing glue in your parent’s basement, which very well might be what these young kids were doing when they wrote these songs. You may have to Google some of the terminology to fully understand the slang-heavy rock tunes, but maybe having no clue what they’re talking about will add to the enjoyment.