Just as she sings in “Night Tides,” Pearl Charles is ‘living in the past’ - in the best possible way. An LA native, Charles combines 60’s and 70’s-esque rock and Americana with hints of modern pop and country on her breezy debut album, Sleepless Dreamer, a refreshing and much-welcomed release.

     On the opening track, “All the Boys,” Charles sings about just that, the all-too-well-known same relationship, different guy story, followed up by the break-up ballad “Beginner’s Luck” and love-songs “Long Hair” and “Blue Eyed Angel,” all more reminiscent of early 90’s country and folk.

     Love isn’t the only theme Charles explores on Sleepless Dreamer, ever the free spirit, Charles channels the desire for the wild life and adventure not only on the title track, “Sleepless Dreamer,” but also on songs like “Only in America.” Themes of growth and freedom close out the album with “Phases.”

      Sleepless Dreamer manages to perfectly blend the occasional 60’s psychedelic guitar with classic desert-daze driven influences like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, and somehow, aspects of 20th-century country-folk. This offbeat-sounding combination works like a dream for Pearl Charles, whose rich and sweet vocals and unique brand of gritty alt-pop bring something fresh and sunny to today’s music scene.