Palehound has always been a classic for my little ears. I’ve always really admired the Boston-born three piece, and I’ve always really admired the truth that Ellen Kemper can speak so seamlessly. In their latest release, YMCA Pool, Palehound showcases two completely sonically different songs. The first is a track that would prompt someone to lie down on their floor and just count the tiles in the ceiling. Put the track on repeat and make some tallies. 

      The second track, “Sea of Blood,” oddly makes me want to go jump roping. It takes me back to elementary school May days during recess on the hot concrete. Musically, “Sea of Blood” keeps a steady, jumpy beat. But lyrically -- this is where the magic happens -- the track is oddly macabre. “I’m every bit as fragile as a baby bird. . . All I want is to unravel to a sea of blood. . .” But every kid’s nursery rhyme started out a little messed up, right? 


audrey keelin