Mid-January saw the release of Brighton, England based RALPH TV’s self titled EP. A much-welcomed follow up to the cozy, warm, tones of single “Homebody,” the RALPH TV EP perfectly encapsulates the band’s personal brand of hazy lo-fi R&B.

     Lead track “Taxi Boy” has an infectious drum beat and swirly synth background that manages to turn a story into a quick, bouncy tune you can’t help but groove to, just like band members Wil Osborne, Jared Harley, Ben Brown, and Isaac Vosper do in the the song’s almost-psychedelic music video. Yet smoother songs “Honey Honey” and “Anywhere” slow things down perfectly for the transition into “Shake this Feeling” and “Blood Red Moon.” “Shake this Feeling” is the perfect combination of introspective lyricism meets chilled-out, surfy vibes reminiscent of artists like Homeshake and King Krule. The EP closes out with “Blood Red Moon,” a track that’s more guitar and instrumental based, with the same funky rhythms and reverb-soaked vocals tying the song to the magic of the rest of the album.