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       We started tour at the beginning of October 2017 traveling from Boston down through New York City, and then drawing a big circle around the continental United States in the following two and a half months. Camping out under the stars at Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, filming a new music video on the road, and yurt-camping in California were all highlights, (except for when raccoons stole all of our food.) Driving through the mountains in Utah and Idaho where you felt like the only person in the world and then stumbling upon a hotel in the shape of a beagle (a man in Idaho’s lifelong dream to build a beagle hotel.) Playing with amazing bands like Little Star, Dogbreth, Drunken Palms, Dana Buoy, and our mini-tour with our beloved El Lago and Astragal through Texas and finishing things up in New Orleans with Sweater Creep and New Holland! Watching live music almost overnight and meeting awesome people who connect through music makes the world feel a lot less cruel than it sometimes seems. We’re excited to see where the next tour takes us.