It’s been a year since Ty Segall was released, Ty’s last full album - and possibly one of his greatest. A year is a long time to wait for an album in our hyper-digital landscape… Luckily Mr. Segall didn’t leave us hanging. Sentimental Goblin came in March, August saw Fried Shallots, and a string of amazing but dramatically different singles were released. Among them was “Alta,” a major contender for being the greatest song Ty Segall has ever written. These were foreshadowing what was to come in January.

      Freedom’s Goblin. 4 Sides. 19 Songs. 75 Minutes. Ty’s Longest and most diverse album to date, Freedom’s Goblin is a helluva trip. From the horns of “Fanny Dog” to the roaring power chords in “Meaning,” this record has something for everyone - even featuring a literal waltz in “The Last Waltz.” Every song is fantastic, especially the cover of Hot Chocolate’s 1978 disco hit “Every1’s A Winner.” Also included is a third recording of the song “Talkin’” off of last year’s Ty Segall, transformed from country/folk into a saxophone-freakout rager. The album plays ping pong with all different kinds of genres and styles. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the track listing at first, but with repeated listens it begins to flow and make sense.

        The album ends with a 12 minute song (his longest to date) called “And, Goodnight.” It begins with a very familiar set of chords. In 2013, Ty released Sleeper, an almost entirely acoustic album featuring some of his best songs such as “The Man Man” and “The West.”  “And, Goodnight”  is an electric re-recording of that album’s title track…and holy cow is it fantastic. You’ll fall in love with the song all over again.

Freedom’s Goblin deserves your attention.

Give it your attention.