Music City, USA: Better known as Nashville, Tennessee. With the honky tonks lining the streets, the classic albums created in the very middle of it all, and the legendary performers up on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, this town is absorbed in country music. But hidden under the hype of country is an entirely different style; a new sound yearning to be heard. Nashville’s new age of music is coming to life from the local teenagers pushing to redefine its attitude. This new scene of musical restoration is inspired by punk and rock sounds creating a rebellious kick in the face to the old music ways that once took hold around here. There’s a strive to be different, to be out there, and there’s a fear of becoming the same as one another. This need to be different sets every teen band wanting to “make it”  different from each other, but all in all they come together under one roof for one reason; to play the music they love.

        Check any old, dark, out of the way venue in the Nashville/Franklin area and anyone will see a number of local bands playing show after show. The music spreads from band to band; each one wanting their sound to be heard anywhere and everywhere. From house shows with a homemade stage to small rooms in the very heart of the city, these bands are desperately craving to be heard. It all starts when one person jams with another, then things start to form. People meet people and gigs are created. Local artists such as Levi J. Miller and Ill Spector consist of high schoolers just trying to make music and put themselves out there. Don’t let them being high schoolers underestimate you though, EPs have been released and Miller has even put out an album recently to promote his childhood being gone called Looking Young. These bands and more are recording from the simplest set up in their rooms to professional studios, yet all of them sound intriguing in their own ways. They promote each other and play shows with each other and create bonds and friendships between each band. These shows spread each band’s music to others and their friends/fan-bases which makes this scene even bigger than before.