“Steel Birds,” the newest single from once-Madison-now-Chicago based band Slow Pulp, is a respectable follow up to “At Home,” a single released back in June, and a further example of the four-piece’s absorbing songwriting.

Following a heavy bassline and then the add in of percussion and guitar, Emily Massey (vocals, guitar) begins her observations, “Throw her stone in/You’re the maker/Your collection’s getting so much bigger.” Massey goes on about how the player, or in this case “collector,” is flawed in their approach to love.

The track overlaps ultimately emulates something of a dream rock feel. Massey’s voice sounds hazy, almost but not entirely distant. Once the chorus rolls around her voice holds its own alongside the guitar and bass parts as they parallel in intensity. It is then that Massey’s voice becomes less of a beg and more of a warning.

Rather than having a clean cut ending, there is a switch up in the guitar part that is steadied by the bass, their last notes ringing out and allowing for a few final seconds of feedback.