Electric Witch-FINAL POSTER(11x14).jpg

LO AND BEHOLD!!! ELECTRIC WITCH!!!! A MAGICAL, MYSTICAL, AND ETHEREAL MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! If you are in Tucson, AZ on November 18th, the stars are IN YOUR FAVOR! At Subspace at noon, you are invited to partake in the meshing of music and minds. An otherworldy experience, Electric Witch, a women led music workshop, will have presentations on analog synthesizers, PA system basics, looping pedals, and much more! Various demo stations will be out and about ranging from playin around with pedals to tryin out different vocal effects. Food trucks will be hanging around outside and the night ends with a live performance from local band Hang the Bassist. There will be a ZINE TABLE (where you can pick up a copy of our print issue ;). So come, join our hands, and submerge yourself in this educational and SPECTRAL event!

al smith