Greetings! We welcome you to partake in the initiation ceremony to enter the Milk-Based Religion, led by NYC based band Deep Sea Peach Tree! Taking place, today, this minute, this SECOND, whenever your eyeballs hit this sentence, you will be PLUNGED into the ocean and woken up on the grimy floor of a New York garage mesmerized by sleepy surf rock. Enjoy.

    The first rite! Starting the EP off with “Mellow Richard,” you have fallen prey to hypnosis... “Don’t know why it took so long to realize / you’re the kind of girl a guy like me can hypnotize.” By the power of the moon. The surf. The REVERB!!!

      The second track, “Haircut Confidence!” Urban meets ocean, Cosmo Pyke meets Hockey Dad, always a good mix. Languid and laidback, just another day at the beach, milk and cookies.

     THEN THE THIRD TRACK - “Accurate Vocabulary.” A prolonged instrumental beginning, preparing you for THE MOMENT. You are so close. You have almost made it. The certificate is IN YOUR HAND.

    The final track, “Felt,” is all about being ready to FEEL BETTER than ya ever did before. And you will now. Immaculate. Congratulations.

    And now, after all four songs, you are officially initiated … drink some milk, catch a wave, and most importantly, do not listen to my foolish nonsense, but rather listen to the most recent release by Deep Sea Peach Tree, Milk-Based Religion, HERE!!!!!

al smith