Following the release of their single “Times Have Changed” in March of this year, Moon Balloon is back at it once again with their latest EP Country Songs.

Containing four tracks, Country Songs deals with members Rhys Timson and Dan Weller’s extensive moving process from Maldon to London, which lasted for three years. Country Songs somehow perfectly encapsulates exactly what that might feel like, as if they packed you up and drove you along to London with them.

With poppy, upbeat drumming and a clean guitar tune, Moon Balloon sounds somewhere between the Kook’s Konk era, and less recently, the Beatles’ classic Revolver album. Put these two incredible English bands together, and you end up with a perfect road trip soundtrack.

Having only been together a year, it is astounding that a band would even sound this put together, their songs give off a certain feeling of familiarity, like they have all known each other forever. Because of this instant clicking between members, and the jaw dropping music they are able to make, it is no wonder why Moon Balloon has already been signed to Wet Dream Records, which released both their single in March and the EP which you can pick up on tape HERE!