Lo and behold, the music video for Sam Sam Sanchez’s latest track “Baggies!” Filmed and edited by Maddie Bishop in Philly, the two simply messed around for an hour and the product was this mesmerizing video meshing the worlds of city and surf.

       Sam Sam Sanchez is the new solo project of James Reen, a member of the band Skells. Reen wanted to branch out and “start something on the side influenced by The Ventures, Allah Lahs, The Growlers, etc. It’s a collision of different influences that came together from growing up in Rockaway Beach which is a 5 minute walk to the beach and a 40 minute train ride to the downtown Manhattan...driving the energy of the city and the laid back vibe of the beach where I grew up.”

       Watch and listen below for the simultaneity of a day at the beach and a day in the heart of NYC…

al smith