Two years after their self-titled album premiered on bandcamp, Muff has released their newest creation, Go Gently, a 6 track album.

Based out of Austin, Texas, the four piece band recorded Go Gently at a nearby studio, Fire Station Studios. The sound Muff was able to attain at the studio is outstanding, with balanced, professional quality, the tracks still had the perfect blend of grunge noise to them.

With a single pluck on the guitar, followed by a crash of the drums and the electric voice of Rachel LaCoss, Muff starts things off with a familiar track, “Follow,” which had its own release in 2016.

One after the other, the songs began to feel like a puzzle, all pieces fitting together, blending into a single image rather than completely separated objects. It was easy to forget if you were listening to “Summer Silk” or if it had already faded into “Make Tracks,” a component I found rather charming.

Shreds reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain, and bass and drum rhythms alike garage rockers Ovlov, an instrumental track titled “Bodensee” finishes the album up on a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.