Chicago is brimming with energetic, young musicians attempting to make a name for themselves. Great acts are coming out of the city such as Twin Peaks, NE-HI and Son of a Gun just to name a few. Such a saturated scene can either have a positive or negative effect on a group; they can choose to blend in to the scene or ignore it entirely and create a sound that is uniquely their own. Krozer falls into the latter category. What makes Krozer stand out is their total ignorance of whatever the typical Chicago band is creating. Their latest EP is a raw, head-banging, punk project that will break through your speakers.

     As a writer that focuses mostly on the quality of sound in music and less on the lyrical substance of songs, this entire EP was tantalizing. With a few verses uttered sporadically throughout, the fuzzy guitar tones and rambunctious drum beats are what make each track a banger. The lo-fi, rawness that energizes the listener is the same exact sound that is going to make Krozer a stand-out band for years to come. They don’t sound like many of the punk music coming out of Chicago because they simply don’t care. The EP starts off strong with rugged track, “STRANGERS.” It’s short and surprisingly sweet for a grunge-rock song. The vocals are minimal but still provide a sense of depth. Their nonchalaunt approach to music can be pinpointed in “BIGSPIN/NO VOX,” a song that goes wherever it wants, whenever it wants. There’s an insane guitar riff, attacking drum kicks and jarring snares. Although this arrangement of sound might appear overwhelming, Krozer records it just perfectly enough to keep the listener satisfied while still sticking to their garage rock roots. It’s not production skills nor the complexity of the songs that are going to bring listeners in, it’s the passion and vigor that each song is played with that will keep fans listening to Krozer again and again.