Docks is entracting. The brain child of guitarists Manon Raupp and Daniel Selig, the band’s self titled EP shimmers and shines with an otherworldly quality. The slowcore band from Toulouse, France sounds straight outta the 90s shoegaze scene. Incorporating the same unabashed exploration of guitar texture, Docks feeds straight into the shoegaze renaissance sweeping music scenes across the world.

     Floating in with “Ressac,” the EP’s ethereal nature settles in within seconds. Glimmering guitars interlace and unwind in what feels like a dream sequence. Starting off gently, it feels like the first step into a deep sleep, a key element in Docks’ ‘snooze pop.’ “Defeat” follows suit, droning and washed out the song has a weight to it previously unexplored. Demanding more than just acknowledgment, “Defeat” doesn’t even vie for attention, rather it receives it automatically.

      On the edge of the abyss, “Train” is the final nudge that sends you plunging into the starry realm of Docks. The spacy song is synonymous with tranquility and in those 4 minutes and 29 seconds you are absolutely untouchable, instead lost in a world constructed by Docks. “Momentum” eases you back down to Earth, brighter in a way that reminds you of just waking up, like the sun isn’t blinding but you feel it rising. “Hyperspectrale” concludes the album and leaves the listener clinging to every note played.

      Promoting introspection and self-reflection, Dock’s debut evokes something from the audience that words simply can’t. Leaving the songs meanings ambiguous, it becomes a manifestation of whatever you need it to be, forging a connection between artist and listener that is something close to magic.


samantha sullivan