Hailing from the Medway Scene in England in 1984 is The Dentists, whose stripped down post-punk style is noticeably bare bones for the time but would be one of the bands to help usher in a new era of British Alternative focusing less on gimmick and more on authenticity. With a career spanning 11 years, the band has managed to release a number of albums, EPs and singles that have influenced numerous bands as well solidify their legacy in British psychedelia history.

      The band started their recording career in 1985 with Spruck Records, releasing their debut album Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now which is a well written album that is more akin to classic albums of the 60's rather than the cold, over-produced style that become synonymous with the 80's. Also releasing You and Your Bloody Oranges EP as well as the "Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden" single the same year.

      After releasing a number of EP's through Tambourine and Antler Records, the band released their second album, Heads And How To Read Them, in 1991 on Integrity Records. The album managed to stay noticeably current for the genre and time while still maintaining the same aesthetics of the first album despite line up changes, followed by the simultaneous release of the three singles "See No Evil," "Hear No Evil," and "Speak No Evil" the following year.

        With the release of the albums Behind The Door I Kept The Universe and the Deep Six through Eastwest Records in 1994 and 1995, the band found themselves touring with Shonen Knife and performing at CMJ, yet despite this the last record failed to sell and the band eventually parted ways. Thankfully for us we have labels like Trouble In Mind Records who carry the torch and reissued their debut album in 2013, which is hopefully the first of many to come our way.