A handful of mysterious Australian artists have released some mellow demos in the past few years that may be beautiful enough to bring you to tears.

    While searching for music to play as I cooked breakfast one quiet morning, I found a song on SoundCloud called “You’re Not That Nice Anyway” by an Australian artist named Mio. It set the tone for my morning, making me feel at peace.

    The song began with very slow guitar chords, then led into calm, tin canny vocals. The warm, grainy sound combined with emotional lyrics conveyed closeness. I quickly realized that this analog music was the epitome of intimacy.

   Eager to find more, I discovered a bunch of Australian artists who mostly don’t even provide their last names. They are shrouded in mystery and their music is serene.

   An artist named Tané has a quiet instrumental called “backward” that can make you feel like you’re drifting along a shallow river. It expresses emotion with pure guitar chords.

   “Off” by Gios, is another guitar riff-focused song with a similarly relaxed feeling, even though the song may not be fully formed.

    These songs are mostly rough ideas and experiments. They are diaries of sorts. Sounds that aren’t meant to be heard by the masses, but are a bliss to those who are lucky enough to find them.

    “This is so beautiful, I’m crying,” a girl commented on YouTube.

    One of the more polished bands of the scene is Good Morning, a Melbourne-based group. They deliver a more structured sound, and unlike the others, their music is available to buy. However, one thing is certain about this scene in general: they are laid back as hell.

    Even on more full songs like “A Vessel” by Good Morning, it makes you want to sink deep into your couch, with their use of filtered vocals over a jazzy bass line. It’s the kind of music that is reminiscent of old AM radio.

    I can’t tell if this Aussie “slowgaze” movement will amount to anything, but I hope people can enjoy it while it’s here. I made an hour-long  playlist of my favorite songs from the genre. Relax and enjoy.