It’s 2017, and Meatbodies just pumped out a DAMN GOOD album. The band totally owns an innovative, galactic, superstar sound in their dreamy, audacious concept album, Alice.

    This album sounds so different than what Meatbodies have previously produced. I loved their 2014 sound and could definitely jam to “Wahoo,” but when I listened to Alice for the first time, I could not have been more enthusiastic. While creating such a classic glam-rock-esque sound, Meatbodies adopt a vibe that’s very Bowie’s Man Who Sold the World but continue incorporating some of the heavier rock elements of their previous sound. 

     Alice feels almost time warped but still totally fresh. The wavy guitar makes you feel like you’re on the verge of falling into a dream, into this mythical world the band created through the album. Open your eyes and you’re in a bright pink room surrounded by palm leaves and an armless statue. Electric organ reigns over certain songs like a calm breeze while some tracks are aggressive with fuzzed guitar and strong drum breaks. Alice’s stories incorporate creatures manifested through lyrics of sophisticated vocabulary, attaching us to the imagination behind this album. Mixing in signal synthesizer sound effects and echoing vocals, the band enhances this other-worldly creation of the woman they call, Alice.

    Meatbodies are doing big things that are completely unique and very inspirational in music.I can’t pin Alice to one specific genre. Sometimes it feels rock n roll, sometimes it feels psychedelic. Sometimes it feels glam rock, sometimes it feels like a rock opera. But all the time, it feels great and alive. It’s no coincidence that there’s only one letter difference between the words ‘alice’ and ‘alive.’ This album didn’t drop; it was born from the creativity of talented, inspired musicians. This album isn’t merely existing; it’s A L I V © E . 


collage + words by ALEXANDRA PASQUARELLI