Imma keep it real and say that the Crafted Sounds release party was probably the most iconic night in Pittsburgh music so far this year. Earlier this month, crowds of kids packed into the basement of Dogfunk (a house in South Oakland) to celebrate the release of Crafted Sounds’ latest tape, “Have a Nice Day. A Pittsburgh Collection.” Key players included bands like Surf Bored (yea, we <3 them at MELTED), Jack Stauber, Pinstripe Sunny, Side Ape, and of course, Crafted Sounds creator, Connor Murray, wearing his signature jean jacket with the CS motto, “HAVE A NICE DAY” painted on the back. 

    Connor (originally from Baltimore and now a student at Pitt) started Crafted Sounds last year, and it’s already grown into such a scene. His recent tape release is a compilation of music from creative and talented young bands in Pittsburgh, PA. Each tape was handmade on cassette or CD by Connor himself “The Pittsburgh Collection’s” sound embodies the good vibes of this resilient release party and captures the energy of the music scene that Crafted Sounds is responsible for creating. 

     I’m super proud and lucky to be so involved with this circle of people. Not only are these kids making some seriously tight music, but they’re also doing really great things. Connor used “The Pittsburgh Collection’s” release as an opportunity to raise money for Planned Parenthood. By the end of the two-part release party, Crafted Sounds ended up with with over $700 in donations for PP!! <3 

     Crafted Sounds has helped to curate a THRIVING music scene and promote bein’ creative, bein’ weird, and bein’ yourself. In a world filled with cell phones and a bunch of rules, it’s so refreshing to see Crafted Sounds emerge from the underground. At these shows, I never feel like the weirdo with a film camera or get strange looks when I wanna mosh to a lo-fi song. These kids support me, and I will tirelessly support them. It’s a dream to be a part of something so authentic.