There’s something about retro girl groups that is riveting, from their poise and impressive vocals to their simple but honest lyrics. If you agree with this statement but are on the lookout for something a little less “sugary sweet” than The Ronettes or The Go-Gos, take a listen to power pop band Nikki & The Corvettes.

    This Detroit based group, comprised of Nikki Corvette, Lori Jeri, and Sally Dee, wasn’t very popular during their time but were influential nonetheless as they laid the groundwork for women in Rock n’ Roll during the late 70s. The band released Nikki and The Corvettes, their only studio album, through Bomp! Records in 1980. In 2000, the album was reissued on CD along with additional singles from 1977 and 1981, this re-release resulting in more recognition for the band.

     There definitely is a Pop aspect to their sound, but there’s also a classic Rock n’ Roll undertone as well as some New Wave influence, making them a unique reflection of the music scene at the time. “Girls Like Me” is no doubt one of their songs that has more of a Rock sound to it, with its punchy guitar riffs and driving drums, not to mention lyrics like “Hot off the press/I got the news/The time is right/We just can’t lose” (referring to women finally making a place for themselves in Rock n’ Roll). However, they also have songs like “Summertime Fun,” which emanate the more expected girl group vibe but with their own twist. This track is a true summertime song with its bouncy instrumentals and carefree vocals.

    Regardless of which genre their songs may seem more applicable to, Nikki and The Corvettes truly portray the carefree, Rock n’ Roll girl power that should never be forgotten.