Atlanta newbies, Lunar Vacation is a five-piece dreamy, surf- rock group testing out their sound in Atlanta. The band has only been together since summer 2016 and have played shows opening for Ne-Hi and American Wrestler. The talented Grace Repasky is the lead singer, and guitarist, and her best friend, Maggie Geeslin plays guitar alongside bassist John Michael Young, keyboardist, Andrew Harris, and drummer, Connor Dowd. I caught their show at the Masquerade and was impressed with their spirited fans, who not only danced but sang along to their next single, “Anna.” The next day, I met Lunar Vacation in the afternoon at The Majestic Diner, a classic diner in Atlanta and we caught up over french toast, eggs and french fries.

So how did the band get started?

G: Maggie and I have been best friends since eighth grade, me and John Michael met on a retreat and then we found out that we liked the same music, so we jammed for a while. It kind of started out when Maggie and I started making garage band demos in our room and then we had John Michael record us in his home studio. Then we jammed to our song for five hours, and we said “let’s make a band” and it all fell into place.

How did you come up with the band name? 

M: Two years ago, at a Mac DeMarco concert, Grace leaned over to me and said, “Do you want to hear the band name I’ve had forever?, Lunar Vacation.”

What inspires you the most as a musician?

C: I like listening to music. Music is fun to play, but it’s even more fun to play with other people. John Michael and I both want our sound to be like Tame Impala. I also loved Led Zeppelin before we got into playing psychedelic rock.

J: I’ve been playing guitar since I was 9, so I’ve always wanted to play music in some form. In my junior year of high school, I got into recording and making demos, so that’s the most fun part for me creating the music.

A: In terms of making music, I prefer just being with my friends and being in the studio setting because I’m not that into the performing aspect. I still enjoy performing a lot, but it’s cool to be in a room playing music and figuring out what we want to sound like.

M: My parents have good taste in music, and they would play old southern rock and that environment made me want to play guitar. Actually, when Maggie and I just met, she told me she had her first guitar lesson, so the next day I signed up for lessons.

G: Before we started making music together, I was covering songs at open mic nights at cafes. Then I saw Mac Demarco and Twin Peaks both perform live and loved the energy. Going to concerts just felt like such a community because they are all having fun with each other up on stage.  

You guys just got to open for Ne-Hi! What was that like?

J: I looked up their tour and saw they were coming to Atlanta, and I messaged them and then they helped get us on the lineup.

G: They were the nicest people that we’ve ever played with. They went up to each individual one of us, and specifically talked to us on a personal level.

An artist, song, or album that makes you feel a heavy dose of nostalgia?

G: “Bashful Creatures” - Hippo Campus

M: Louder than Bombs - The Smiths

J: Real Estate

C: Is This It - The Strokes

A: Abbey Road - The Beatles