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   I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year, but I did have The Buttertones and The Frights. And let me tell you, they know how to treat a guy right. Friends of the bands Abe Recio and Rhyan Santos, aka DJ Musty Boyz, opened the night with a mission, blasting R&B and Hip-Hop jams off a laptop while showering the crowd in flowers. Once the crowd was loosened up, The Buttertones came out and were dressed to impress. With all five members looking sharp and a stage littered with roses, they cruised through a lively set that got the jam packed crowd moving. Last but not least, The Frights came on stage to a thunderous, sold out crowd. All suited up, Mikey Carnevale, Richard Dotson, Marc Finn, and touring guitarist Jordan Clark (of The Soaks) ripped through a long list of old and new songs, including covers of “April 29, 1992” by Sublime, and “All Star” by Smash Mouth. No matter the song, there were always fans coming on stage to launch themselves back into the crowd. Some attempted to take selfies with the band only to get lovingly kicked back off the stage. As usual, the last person to stage dive was Mikey himself, belting out the lyrics to their closing song while being held up by all his fans.

     Next time you’re looking for a date, I recommend asking out The Frights. They might flip you off or kick you off the stage, but I guarantee they’ll show you a good time. Prior to this show Melted asked Mikey a few questions about recent tours, Valentine’s Day, and YOU ARE GOING 2 HATE THIS FEST in San Diego. Check out his answers below!


If you weren’t playing a show, what would you be doing for Valentine’s Day? 

    Sobbing myself to sleep. Just kidding. My girlfriend is going to be at the show so we’re doing something afterwards, otherwise we’d probably go do some CUTE SHIT during the day. Go throw rocks at kids or something, I don’t know. She’s into that.

Worst/most awkward Valentine’s Days? 

    I lost my virginity on Valentine’s day back in high school. In the back of a Jeep Wrangler. It was incredibly cramped. Their slogan should be “Jeep. Don’t Have Sex In Here.”

How soon after finishing the first YOU ARE GOING TO HATE THIS FEST last year did you decide you wanted to do another? 

     As soon as it started selling well, we all collectively agreed that we should do it again. I don’t have a fun answer for that one. It just made sense. San Diego doesn’t have any serious festivals that I’m aware of unless you wanna see Hootie and The Blowfish play at KABOO for $500. Which I do, of course.

Tell us about organizing and creating a mini festival with (what seems like) a bunch of friends. 

    I wish I could say we have that many friends. I’m excited to become friends with all those bands though. I’m fucking lonely. But pretty much we just compile a giant list of bands we like and would like to play with and tell our booker to get them to play or he’s fired. We’ve gone through like 14 booking agents so far.

You recently toured with FIDLAR & SWMRS. Favorite show or experience from that trip? 

    My favorite show on that tour was either LA or NY. Typical huh? But surprisingly enough, the rowdiest crowd in my opinion was actually in Milwaukee. And we played at this venue that is allegedly haunted. Which I like. It seemed pretty haunted to me.

An artist, song, or album that makes you feel a heavy dose of nostalgia? 

    Anything super so cal always makes me super nostalgic. Like Sublime, Sugar Ray, Mambo Number 5. I’m a gigantic tool. But those are the facts. Sorry. Also anything along the lines of Beatles, Zeppelin, insert classic rock band here. Middle school man. That shit saved me from being a football player instead of starting a band. WHOA. Football is still cool though. I don’t know if a lot of football players read this.

Can we anticipate any new music in the near future? 

I fucking hope so. I’m working on it, I’ll tell you that much.


interview + photo by SAMUEL WARE