“No man is good three times”

Phialdelphia, PA @ The Trocadero Theatre.

It’s a cold march evening. I’ve been patiently awaiting this night since the album’s release. My nerves are at an all time high. a whole colony of butterflies occupy my stomach.

After some contemplation, I come to the conclusion that I’ve been emotionally mugged.

I load a roll of Ilford HP5 into my Leica M6 and head out the door.

Tonight is the night I meet Ty Segall.

I walk to the venue. Each stride powered by my will.

I arrive to Chinatown early and anxious. The lights of the city are all a blur to my stoned eyes.

My ears, plugged by my beats. Emotional Mugger on repeat as I drain out the crowd and prepare for the night ahead of me.

I wait in line to show my ticket to the event staff, he scans it and lets me advance to the next guy. Habitually I proceed. He waves his hand to give me the okay. Suddenly His head quickly turns. I see his eyes narrow in on my camera.

“Sorry, you can’t bring that camera.”

** my heart sinks and begins to race**

“That camera looks professional, can you take the lens off”

“Well yeah, its an old film camera. That’s how most of them are”

“Sorry, I can’t let you take it in. No professional cameras allowed.”

At this point my bloods boiling—

“You’re going to have to put it in your car or something”

“I walked here…”

“Okay well you can check it in at the ticket booth”

Panic starts to take over. And I begin to plot mission, Retrieve Camera. There is no way i’m going to let this happen. Nope. Not today. Not this girl.

I reluctantly head to the old fashioned ticket booth centered in the large lobby.

I hand my camera over to the guy stationed in the booth.

“This is an expensive camera so you know you’re liable if anything happens to it right?”

“Yeah, I know”

I check in my belongings and begin to explore the old theatre.

I make my rounds. Size the venue up and admire the long thick velvet curtains, dark moody red lighting, and old wooden paneling. More security guards gather at the foot of a set of stairs. I show them my ID and they let me through. A creaky staircase leads me to the second floor.  21 and over. I Get a drink, and head to the bathroom to smoke a revenge bowl.

I befriend some of the event staff. Tell my story and try to slyly fish for valuable information. One of the staff guys feels bad for me and points me in the direction of the head honcho.

I approach the security guard as a predator approaches his prey. Sly and seductive. I ask him for my camera back. He tells me to ask again after the opener goes on. At least it wasn’t a no.

I emerge in a daze, and casually walk to the second story balcony overlooking the stage. I study the crowd and encase myself in the surrounding chatter.

My gaze shifts to the back of the venue and I spot Ty. I shuffle towards him.

I manage to muster a sentence,“Hey I’m Amanda Rose.  I think we should be friends………  we have a lot in common.”

I eagerly stretch my hand out for a shake.

He shakes back.

“Hey yeah nice to meet you, ill be around after the show. I have to go but we can talk later.”

He walks towards the stage and I begin walking in the opposite direction. Trying to keep a cool, confident, composure. Even though my mind was going crazy.  

The opener comes on. It’s Charles Moothart’s band.

Their set ends and I head back into the lobby to look for my new best friend, the event staff manager.

I conceive my most convincing and alluring tone. “Can I have my camera back? “

Apparently it’s not up to him. But he doesn’t say I should give up. So I go back into the crowd. Run into some friends and continue to plot my next attack.

Within 20 minutes I head to the merch booth and find one of the members of the first band. I ask him if he can get me my camera back. He says he can’t do anything about it but tells me he can find someone who can. And just as he finishes his sentence a petite blonde turns the corner.

“Hey! This girl is trying to get her camera back. Can you help her?”

“Yeah, sure. What’s the problem?”

“I brought my film camera and they told me it was too professional to bring into the show.”

I follow her to the ticket booth where they were holding my baby.

The woman approaches the booth, “ hey I’m with Ty and its cool if she has her camera.”

I take my camera back and give the security guard an ‘I told you so’ kind of look.

I run into the crowd feeling like a just escaped azkaban. I shimmy through the bodies and  head towards the front left side of the stage

36 shots later, one whole roll down.

The show ends. I linger.

Mission camera retrieve was a success. Now time for mission talk to Ty.

I run into the owner of Long in the Tooth records. We always chat about Ty’s new album. Both of us were stoked on the show.

Venue starts to clear. I make my way outside. Sit on the steps for awhile and wait for Ty. Nothing.

Then my new body guard friend shows up and tells me bands usually load stuff out back. So he takes me to the back entrance of the venue.

20 min later ty shows up.

I’m a little drunk by this point.

He’s talking to another fan. I take the opportunity to set up my camera and flash. This is my first time using a flash with my Leica. I hope for the best

I set my ISO meter the light and focus. Click!


    Emotional Mugger is a conceptual album packed with political innuendos and a star studded lineup consisting of Emmet kelly, Cory Hanson, Mikal Cronin, Dale Crover, Charles Moothart, Evan Burrows, and King Tuff. A lineup built to provide irresistible raw power. Almost like a play, Ty Segall is the lead protagonist and vocalist in his tale of an Emotional Mugger/Muggee.

    Emotional Mugger is defined in a YouTube video as a “Psychoanalytic subject to subject exchange. Formed as a response to a hyper digital sexual landscape. EM is an unfortunate but essential in the age of digital intimacy. Mugging is non verbal and non physical emotional exchange regardless of the status of the mugger and the mugging. Can help to fill the holes in our ego and the gaps in our society. Unlike traditional mugging EMing is a victim full crime where both the perpetrator and subject are victims of their emotional purpose whether the ego intention is subversive or pro-active. Sexual response has been common for both roles and has often lead to meaningful non physical sexual relations.”