Cleveland, Ohio was one of our favorite cities we visited. We went to a toy store that had deadstock of every knick knack you could imagine. It was hard to not spend hours in there looking through all of their pogos, stickers and action figures. We played at The Grog Shop, a pretty legendary venue and met the nicest people. After the show, we were handed a cup full of tokens for the arcade downstairs. Whatta dream. Later that night, we met David’s alter ego, Morpy Mendez. 

   After driving through a flash flood the day before to get to Kansas, we had a show the following night in Dallas at this cool venue called Trees. We ended up leaving super early but there was crazy bad traffic and we only had two minutes to soundcheck (everyone else got stuck in the traffic too, it put LA traffic to shame). This venue has been around for a while and a lot of big time bands have played there, including Nirvana. For any Kurt fans, this is the same venue where he rammed his guitar into a security guard’s face…We ended up playing with Broncho and another LA band, Winter. 

    After Dallas, we headed to Austin…Texas RULES! We played at the Austin Mohawk which is this cool outdoors venue. It was hot and sweaty, and there was thunder and lightning popping off while we were playing. 

   Playing the House of Vans in Brooklyn with Sunflower Bean, BadBadNotGood, and DIIV was so surreal and the biggest show we’ve played so far. It was our last stop on the tour in an indoor skate park. Sort of a dream venue for us. We requested one pastrami sandwich for David on our rider, because he’d never been to New York. When we arrived at the venue and saw one hot pastrami sandwich from Frankel’s…it was sort of a “we made it" moment. After the show, we made use of all the fireworks we accumulated on the road. We set them off with our homies from DIIV on a rooftop in Brooklyn, with a crazy view of the city. Thx for the ~memories~.