DO U WANNA B BAD???? Even if you don’t, the Pale Lips, a be-boppin girl band from Montreal, will make you wanna try it. In their latest album Wanna Be Bad, the girls take sock-hopping 50s sounds and mix them with a lil glitter and eyeliner to get an energetic, feel-good, girl-powered album that can takes you back to the roots of punk rock. This badass sisterhood has an infectious energy and passion that infinitely seeps into their sound. 

   In a Bikini Kill-esque way, the Pale Lips pull their female voices together to sing about bein different, bein a girl, and what it’s like growing up obsessed with the Ramones (all of which I can relate to). It’s so important that we, as girls, have our voices heard, and the Pale Lips PREACH this point through their album. There’s power in numbers, and there’s power in music. As we listen to this band, we become a part of something bigger. Our support and love for this side of music represents the very essence of the pure expression of rock n roll - no boundaries, no holding back. We can all get behind expressing ourselves through music. Seeing a band produce such a powerful, cohesive album like Wanna Be Bad, keeps the spirit of punk rock alive and inspires kids like me to want more music like this and maybe even try making music on our own. 

   The Pale Lips’ music is the pink neon glow of diner signs in the 1950s and the first rip in your favorite denim jacket. Wanna Be Bad makes me happy to be young, okay with making mistakes and proud to be a girl.