Summer Salt is a three-piece, tropical rock band from Austin, TX. In December of 2016, they performed alongside Jack on Fire, Witch Coast, and Baby Bry Bry at The Lilly Trotter Tea Lounge, a cozy DIY space in Northwest D.C. Drawing influence from Bossa Nova and 50’s/60’s “oldies,” their sound is best described by a trip to Hawaii or a dip in the pool. It’s a melodic, island soaked adventure through heartache and soul searching that will make you nostalgic for the real or imagined “good old days.” Matt has the voice, Eugene hits the drums, and Phil plays bass guitar. I got a chance to meet up with the guys before the show to talk about touring, the future for Summer Salt, and their lives in Texas.

How is the tour going?

Matt: It’s going great.

Phil: Hot dog I’m tired though.

M: It’s been pretty good but we started right after thanksgiving so we went in…
P: A little hungover…

Eugene: Full of food, ready to chill but it’s been good, a lot of long drives.
M: Short tour, long drives.

P: We started with two eight hour drives to get to Chicago and then we did NY, Philly, and then Washington D.C.

Have any of the shows stood out in particular? 

All: The Walters show!

E: In Chicago we had a sold out show with our friend’s band, The Walters, who are fucking amazing. Good show.

P: We all had fun, got drunk, and stayed up too late…with The Walters…passed out…

E: We also did a radio session in NYU for their radio station WNYU. That was a lot of fun… to hear ourselves playing in NY radio.

What’s next for Summer Salt?

M: We’ve been recording these past couple months, some new songs that we’ve been working on for awhile and we’re gonna be recording when we get back. We have all the foundation of it…

P: We’re gonna call it Happy Camper.

E: It’s gonna be our first full-length.

P: We have a local label that wants to put it out and probably will put it out. We’re just debating whether we want to shop it around and release a single beforehand or release it then tour. We’re gonna tour no matter what.

M: Our local label is Austin Town Hall and they’ve been really, really supportive of everything we’ve done. Nathan Lankford is the guy guy in charge of it. He’s been great with us and very supportive of us, like moving on to even a different label. It’s gonna be a 12 song LP, Happy Camper…that’s what we’re thinking.

E: First quarter of next year, 2017…Spring is when we’re hoping.

Should we expect sounds similar to the last album or are you straying further away?

M: It’ll be a mixture of both I feel like.

P: We have vibes in different directions that will be similar, yet different…

M: I think with a larger sum of songs we’ve tried to embrace all of our styles. We know what we all bring to the table. Some of them are jammers, some are a little folky, some of them are like bossa nova grooves.

P: Some are 70’s rip offs…im just kidding.

M: With this one we’re trying to take our time and try and capture different sounds for every song so it doesn’t sound like one song all the way through.

What is life like in Austin, TX for you all?

E: I love Texas!

M: Texas is home.

P: We love the heat. We all grew up in Texas, Dallas actually. We all actually went to highschool together. Romantic, beautiful times. Then we rejoined. 

M: We all have day jobs. We all have dogs.

E: I just recently quit my kitchen job.

P: Hell yeah! I work at a computer desk job where I can look at emails all day, look at facebook, book shows, netflix and stuff. It works out because I can work on Summer Salt stuff on the clock.

Some final words to wrap it up?

P: I feel Melted, woahuh!

M: I’m excited to get back home to a cozy little lifestyle.

P: Eugene and I are the partiers and Matt’s the cozy one that feels uncomfortable on the road but he loves it too.

M: No, I’m twice as much of a partier as them.

P: Okay that’s true, but when not on the road, yeah. Eugene and I are the extroverted socialites… Matt can be too, at certain times… after a few jager shots right? That’s the fucking interview worthy quote right there…

M: Oh jager.


photos taken on Nikon n75 with Kodak TRI-X 400 black and white film