Currently from Philadelphia, Spirit of the Beehive consists of Zack, Rivka, Pat, Phil. The band was started a few years ago by Zack and Rivka. After their first LP, Tim from Sun Organ joined followed by Justin who have both since left the band. Members of The Spirit of the Beehive have made up other notable acts like Glocca Morra, Stable Boys, Vietnam, RCSN, Kite Party, Sun Organ, Foot, Luther and Daphne Moon. The Spirit of the Beehive have a self titled LP as well as an EP called You Are Arrived (But You’ve Been Cheated) both out on Ranch and Ice Age records.

As being interested in videography and music video production myself, I really enjoyed your video for the song, “World Access” off the most recent EP. I’m wondering who shot it, who came up with the idea behind it, what video format it was shot on and lastly, what the meaning behind it is?

    Rivka and I shot that video with our good friend Federico Casanova. We didn’t plan out the video at all, just picked a few key segments and shots and based the rest around those. It was shot on Federico’s digital camera, I forget the model. as far as the meaning goes… there’s always someone watching. 

As of late I frequently hear people talking about the Philly music scene expanding or exploding just by the sheer number of new bands and venues in the area. As a band that is basically on the precipice of this, how would you describe the Philly music scene as a whole in 2016? What are some notable bands/people/publications/venues/projects you guys like or share members with?

    Anything on Ranch Records is notable. Almost all my friends generally make good music or art. The pop-mainstream-sing a long shit will always sell more tickets but I think the underground is getting its shot as of late and I’ve been a part of both.

One of the main things I’ve picked up on from listening to your discography is that each song has this very distinct cohesive sound. Every song as an individual seems to have a very unique “vibe” of sorts to it that is intertwined with the lyrics. How did you guys come together as a band or individually to create this sound?

    The vibe is mostly curated while recording. Most of the songs start out as regular rock songs but once we get to recording it becomes more and more clear that guitars should be replaced by keyboards or horns or whatever. I like records that take you on a journey, however dumb that fucking sounds. There’s no reason to me to plug in and play loud when sometimes a song hits much harder when it’s just an acoustic guitar and shit.

I noticed that your first LP was recorded at the headroom which is a studio in Philly. I’m wondering who produced your record and what is it like recording the first LP at Headroom knowing that so many other Philly projects have recorded there too?

     Technically it was recorded at Ye Olde Headroom, after the original owners moved out and most of it was done in a bedroom. We mostly produced it but with the generous, patient help of Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo engineering. They really helped get that shit done, even when an idea seemed arbitrary. A true labor of love.

I heard that you guys have a new record that is finished and pending to be released, can you guys give us any sort of idea as to what the next release will be like?

I think the record is like 35 minutes long. it plays through like a nightmare, but it’s really good.

I know you guys are a part of Ranch Jams which is a Philly based independent record label. What’s it like being on a label with all of your friends bands and being surrounded with other like minded, creative people?

    Ranch is run by Sam Rudich he’s got an ear for what’s good, for sure. There’s also no contracts or anything. If Sam likes your shit he’ll put it out. Sure, it feels good to have records released on a label that also releases other great records.

What’s it like being in a band in the 21st century?

    Super fucking easy because I did it all on my PS3.