Destroy Boys is a rock and roll band from Sacramento, California with members Vi Mayugba (guitar), Ethan Knight (drums), and Alexia Roditis (vocals). Over the past couple months the band has gained attraction and have released their debut full-length LP, Sorry, Mom accompanied by a multitude of shows, some of which at the legendary venue 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. The band doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, but they took time to talk with Melted Magazine about their career in music thus far…

How did you guys get started?

Ethan: I was in the shower and Vi sent me their EP (acoustic at the time) and I was like, “Damn, this slaps. Alright, let me be in.”

Alexia: We started out as acoustic.

Vi: Alexia was originally going to play drums and I was going to sing and play guitar–

Alexia: I don’t know how to play drums…  I don’t know why we decided that…

Vi: I wanted to be in a band, like, forever and scouted Alexia. We were already friends and she was like, “I write songs,” and I was like, “okay!”

Have you ever had school get in the way of playing shows or anything like that?

Ethan: Not really ‘cause school ends at like 3. I don’t know, school was never that big of a priority for me, especially because I wasn’t that good at it…  like you can’t say, “I’m not good at school,” but I really wasn’t.

Vi: It was a really big problem for me junior year when we first started the band ‘cause everything started happening so fast. It was like, “Oh my god, my dream’s coming true,” so I just stopped doing school altogether, but now I’ve kind of figured out how to balance stuff.

So you guys recently released a song on Uncool Records, how did that come to be?

Vi: I texted Cole Becker haha.

Alexia: Well, ‘cause Cole said before that he wanted to put one of our songs on Uncool.

Vi: Yeah, but we hadn’t really talked to him about it or anything, and this is right before we released Sorry, Mom I was sitting in my car outside of my old middle school and I said it aloud, I go: “I’m going to call Cole.” Then I called him on speaker and I was like, “Don’t answer I just wanna leave you a voicemail,” and he answers and goes, “Hey Vi! What’s up man?” I got so nervous. Then, after we released Sorry, Mom, he just texted me and was like, “This record is so good, we wanna do Uncool,” and I was like, “Thank you, dude. Let’s do it,” and then we did it and that was cool.

What are your biggest influences?

Vi: Let’s talk about Ethan’s room and his Linkin Park posters.

Alexia: *That’s true!

Ethan: I’m not saying anything haha. My biggest influences, to be honest, are probably Korn and Lil Uzi *laughs* … just kidding I hate Korn.

Vi: I take influence a lot from specific guitar sounds, like how people play as opposed to bands.

Ethan: Distortion.

Alexia: I take influence from people who really embrace their own voice like Brooks Nielsen from The Growlers, the singer of Vampire Weekend, and I also really like Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees. I take influence from people who do their own thing.

What’s the best concert you guys have been to?

Ethan: I don’t even like Tyler the Creator, like at all, really, but that was probably the wildest show I’ve been to.

Vi: SWMRS at Uncool Halloween! They were so good. They came out with their Fugazi cover and I was like …

How does the songwriting process work for you guys?

Vi: For guitar, me and Alexia will write something and then show it to each other–

Ethan: It always starts with guitar pretty much. Guitar, then lyrics …  then drums just kind of come in.

Alexia: I’ll have lyrics and then I’ll show them to Vi and then she’ll come up with a really cool guitar thing and then I’ll slap them on there.

Vi: We’ll get melodies once me and [Ethan] are all set.

Alexia: We are very adamant in not sounding like other people.

Vi: I feel like we are so critical of every other person in the band but in a good way.

Alexia: We roast each other until the best result comes.

Vi: Yeah, we boil down the song to it’s fullest potential.

Ethan: But that’s what makes the songs better. I’m not going to be nice and say I like the song if I really don’t like it, ‘cause what good is that going to do for the band?

Alexia: It hurts my feelings but I really appreciate it… it hurts my feelings for a second but then it’s like, okay, new thing, and then Ethan is like, “This rocks!” and it’s like, “Oh, you’re right, this is way better than the other one!”

Ethan: It’ll get down to the super nitty-gritty to the point where I’m like, “Don’t play the open string on that.”

Vi: We just rag on each other so hard during the songwriting process so we can have the best song possible.

Do you guys have any favorite stories from your tour/anything band related?

Vi: Well… we saw so much of naked Ethan.

Ethan: That’s not true! All you saw was my ass.

Alexia: Everyone’s seen Ethan’s butt, dude. It’s the cover of our album.

Vi: I won’t go into detail but we were all sharing a bed together –

Alexia: It was awful.

Vi: I was next to Ethan and I look over and his entire ass is out.

Ethan: Was I asleep?

Vi: No! You were wide awake and I was like, “Woah, dude” and he was like, “Mmm…”

Alexia: Ethan just loves taking his butt out. 


interview by NASH ROOD