When you work with friends creatively, good things happen. That’s why Virginia natives Citrus City Records jumped into the music scene to do the opposite of what typical record labels do, they set out to be the artist’s friend, made by friends for friends. 

How did you guys start out as a record label?

    So my freshmen year of college I was going to community college. I was a staff writer for a music publication and I was interviewing and reviewing bands like Together Pangea and Wavves. It got to a point where I didn’t want to be a music journalist anymore so I changed my degree so that I could be more hands on with music. The label was a platform to be more hands on and to release tapes.

You guys say that you’re “made by friends for friends” on your Bandcamp page. What’s your view on the record label/artist relationship?

    The first thing that we ever released on our label was our compilation. And everyone that contributed to that were our music friends that we’ve made through writing and just knowing people. The whole premise of the label is just releasing music also by our friends that weren’t getting picked up by any labels, it was just an excuse for me to own some sort of tape. I think having a sort of friend relationship with the label/artist to an extent is important just because you know your goals and what you want to do. At the end of the day nor the band or the label want to fuck each other over. I think it’s definitely important if you have that friendship already established.

Why tapes?

    I noticed that right when I came up with the idea of starting a label it was right at the tipping point of cassettes. I thought of it as being the cheapest way of getting stuff out there. Producing vinyl is like $2000 and unfortunately, not everyone has that type of money. So tapes are the easiest and most tangible option. It’s just ironic that the whole movement started right when we got into it.

Any releases that you’ve been super proud of?

    Ha, that’s like choosing a favorite kid for a parent. All of them definitely are glimpses of what my musical taste is. But the one where I was like wow what the heck was when we released Boys Age’s and Howard’s tape. Those tapes ended up selling out in two days. So those two are ones that I’m a bit extra proud of that a bunch of people wanted to buy it. Also the Nothing Buttrock by Collin Thibodeauxx those are my best friends from high school so that’s something special because those are hometown friends.

Upcoming releases?

     Future releases wise I know that we’re not doing anything much. We’re going on a little hiatus in regards to that. I’m going to be focusing more on booking shows. That’s a branch that has grown out of the label aspect; so bands on the east coast that come through. We’re thinking about saving up for our first vinyl released in 2017 so we’re looking forward to that. 


interview by ATHENA BURTON