Thee Oh Sees scare me. As champions of psychedelic freak outs and ultramega weirdness, I think they’re doing their jobs well. Their most recent album, A Weird Exits, is utterly immaculate. It is unbeatable. It’s wickedly awesome. It’s freaking WEIRD!

    Thee Oh Sees started in 1997 as Orinoka Crash Suite, the side project of John Dwyer (of Coachwhips, Pink and Brown, and The Hospitals) as a psych folk­ group. The name changed throughout the years, OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, and finally Thee Oh Sees. Around 2008, the band changed from Dwyer’s side project to his main vehicle for creating music…and what strange music it is.

      A Weird Exits was released August 12, 2016 on Castleface Records (run by Dwyer himself). At first glance, A Weird Exits looks like a joke. From the campy cover to the silly song names like Ticklish Warrior and Gelatinous Cube, you can’t help but laugh a little, that is until you listen to it. The music Thee Oh Sees have created here is nothing short of sinister. Filthy guitar tones, thick reverb, and hellish vocals dominate the 8 songs that make up this auditory vision quest. 

      This album contains possibly the greatest song ever recorded. The final song, The Axis, is completely indescribable. Keyboards, mild guitar, and soft vocals make up most of the song. The first words utter “don’t you know how much I don’t love you” setting the tone for the rest of the song. At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the floodgates cannot be held shut any longer. A wall of fuzz gushes into the song leaving nothing behind it but scorched earth. After some time, feedback overtakes the fuzz to the point where it literally sounds like the detonation of a nuclear bomb. More fuzz. More feedback. End of song. End of album. End of journey. Thee Oh Sees are like a neutron star. They are not from this planet, and they are the heaviest thing in our known universe.


written by JARED HARRISON