With the expanses of the DC music scene a mere five minute drive from the quaint suburbs of Bethesda, MD, Bleary Eyed has all the inspiration they could ever need. With house show venues on every corner and a renowned punk scene, the four piece began to create music of their own back in high school. Those experiments accumulated in 2016 with their EP Cherry Blossom, a subtle nod to Tidal Basin trees blooming throughout the city. Released through Sorry Dad Records, the emphasis was on intense instrumentals riddled with the unmistakable influences of the hardcore scene.

        After the first release, the band was determined to flush out the arrangement. With the dispersion of members facilitated by college the original four piece, Nathaniel Salfi, Ray Brown, Coby Haynes, and Brandon Minor, drafted Paul Burke, Ben Abrams, and Ben Kaunitz as the latest addition to the line up. The arrangement released Zeeke and Odds n Ends in August of 2017, 11 minutes of hard-edge melodies and breakneck guitar tracks.

       Almost as an extension of Zeeke, Bleary Eyed released their latest single “Glowing White Room.” Sporting obvious shoegaze influences the fuzzed out vocals and overdriven guitars create a feeling of calculated chaos. A powerful presence, the song attempts to contain a degree of intensity that leaves it splitting at the seams. Spiraling into the realization that ‘it’s not fair for you and me,’ the repetition of the line pushes the song over the edge dissolving into static and snippets of conversation.

      Wrapping up their run with Juniper in November, the band has refused to stay stagnant. With more announcements on the way, “Glowing White Room” is just one of the bands latest projects.


samantha sullivan