If you live in the US, the name might not ring a bell. After listening to their newly released sophomore album, Sonic Boomerang, you'll be glad you came across them today. Or perhaps you have jammed out to their DIY sound when they played with bands such as The Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees. Bee Bee Sea is an Italian band consisting of Wilson Wilson on vocals and guitar, Giacomo Parisio on Bass, and Andrea Onofrio on the drums.

      Sonic Boomerang does a spot-on job of shining the spotlight on their high powered voltage. The trifecta has a way of blending elements of garage-punk and psych-rock, then add hints of 60's surf pop to the mix to create one supercharged album. The cherry on top has to be Wilson's fuzzed out vocals on top of their already lo-fi feel.

    The album takes off with the title track; it's a bit jangly and a bit loud all in the right places. It's one that ought to get you revved up and ready to go. It shrieks in the spirit but of the guitar and seemingly feels like there's a clock ticking at a countdown. "D.I. Why Why Why," the following single, brings out more emphasis on the drums and while still hinting at their eclectic pop infused shake. The repetitive "why why why's" call for an infectious whine that you just can't help but join into. Then we have "The Dog Is The King Of The Losers," a personal favorite of mine. It is humorously far out. For whatever reason they are asking "Who is the doggy?" The track dominates with long instrumentals but leaves nothing behind.

   You may not have tied a high energy rock band with the beautiful romance of Italy before this, but Bee Bee Sea undoubtedly knows how to shake things up. Sonic Boomerang is a grade A showcase for their European spunk and carefree, head-banging worthy attitude.