Makeout Reef label-mates, Charleston residents, and Hot Showers and Vanity Plates, celebrate a split EP to conclude 2017. Surf rocking Del Sur band-mates realign to form Hot Showers. This is their second project, following the spring 2016 release of “Boys (Neighborhood.)” The tape marks Vanity Plates’ debut.

      Vanity plates offers two tracks with “WHYDIDUDIE” and “DUIGOD,” both named after license plates they have found. “WHYDIDUDIE” opens with a guitar section that is equal parts math rock and surf rock and develops into a fantastic, winding bridge. The vocal delivery is deliberate and proclaiming. The track concludes in a garage rock form as “I want a temporary death” echoes until the song’s close. “DUIGOD” brings more of the inventive, quirky guitar parts and lyrics like “The potholes were made in your own image” round out an exciting Vanity Plates debut.

       Hot Showers make up the second half of the tape with “Hot” and “Cool.” “Hot” is psych rock influenced with reverberating, echoing vocals and several distinct guitar layers, culminating in a fantastic solo. “Cool” is something we haven’t seen from Hot Showers or Del Sur. “Cool” is a rootsy, blues inspired, kind of Grateful Dead vibe. It continues the intricate guitar layering and adds a new vocal approach.

      Second release from Makeout Reef this year, the other being Mr. Rosewater’s EP released this spring. Makeout Reef is Charleston’s leader in DIY shows and also in tape production. The EP is available via tape on Makeout Reef’s bandcamp as are all the label’s releases.