Transition is one of life's most demanding and exhausting trials. Whether it be switching schools, changing friends or in No Vacation’s case, moving cities, transformation and growth are all natural progressions of life. The bands latest EP, Intermission, doesn’t only tell a story of transition but also of renewal and revision. After an indefinite hiatus in 2015, the five-piece decided to bring everyone back together and head east. Originally formed in San Francisco, the band came reformed in the music hub of Brooklyn and started releasing music once again earlier this year.  

      The bands restart EP is filled with dreamy synths and bellowing drum beats. The entire project sounds as if the band compiled their dreams into five succinct tracks. Their single “Yam Yam” was destined to be a hit. The hook is catchy and keeps the listeners begging for more. Luckily we’re given exactly that with “Mind Fields,” the closing track. The song is masterfully put together to create upbeat and peaceful conclusion to the band’s new era. What ends up bringing No Vacation’s wavy melodies together is ironically “Intermission.” Lyricless, the sound of “Intermission” perfectly embodies the bedroom-pop sound that No Vacation executes so perfectly.

       The final track “Mind Fields” perfectly sums it up with ‘running circles in my mind’ which relates to the way the band’s hooks ring through the listeners heads again and again. No Vacation brings quality to their production that makes each track worth while. Through melodic vocals and wavy baselines, No Vacation as made a comeback that everyone should be paying attention to.