Madison, Wisconsin based musician Son! makes genre-bending music that is hard to pin down. While some of Son!’s songs lean towards hip-hop, and others closer to rock and pop, the musician's differed sonic influences don’t seem to stem from a confusion of artistic direction, but rather an awareness and appreciation of different musical palettes. What is cohesive throughout all of Son!’s music is an endearing quality that exudes from his voice. Such an honest vocal demeanour makes it hard to believe that the subject matter and sentiment of his lyrics could come from anywhere but a place that is unabashedly human.

    According to an interview that accompanied the premiere of Son!’s newest single “Dog,” the track’s subject changed in the middle of the writing process. The song was originally intended to be about an old friend, who Son! had since grown apart from, but turned into a summery ballad from the perspective of a dog reflecting on their human owner.